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My First Art Fair

I am excited to announce that I will be exhibiting during the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Oct 30 – Nov 3 2019. I have always visited fairs to discover new artists or see pieces by artists I admire. Now I have the opportunity to stand on the other side and hope to surprise you with a diverse and interesting collection. The collection will be concentrated around contemporary pop and urban by artists whom are local to me and also international. My wife Suzanne and sister Charlotte will be joining me to receive you with open arms at our booth C1.

Kalkman Gallery

In daily business I combine Art, Vintage and Vinyl Records. Although the store in Maastricht is called Vintage Deluxe, I will be participating at the Affordable Art Fair under Kalkman Gallery. This new development is an exciting step and will focus on the art collection of my business. Please feel free to check out the full collection by clicking on the link: Online Shop.

Why have I chosen for the Affordable Art Fair?

Nov 1st will mark my 5th Anniversary with Vintage Deluxe. In these years I have visited the fair in Amsterdam and Brussels regularly. Meeting new galleries and discovering new artists is a thrilling part of the business. As a dealer this is a crucial aspect and has helped to accumulate my current collection. I feel the accessibility and welcoming atmosphere Affordable Art Fair fits well with the way I run my daily business. Like the AAF, I try to target the new art collector looking for a first purchase, but show pieces by new upcoming artists to seasoned art collectors.

Hayden Kays with his artwork at RA
Hayden Kays with his artwork at Royal Art Academy London, 2018

Meet Hayden Kays at AAF Amsterdam 2019

British artist Hayden Kays will join us to the Affordable Art Fair. For Hayden it will be a great opportunity to meet his collectors in the Netherlands. He has a lot of collectors in the Benelux and Germany. He will be present on Friday Nov 1 from 16-22h and Saturday Nov 2 from 10 – 14h. 

Over the years Hayden and Hubert have become friends. As a collector / dealer of Hayden’s work, Hubert also organized Hayden’s first solo exhibition in the Netherlands in 2016.

Now, 3 years later, Hayden and Hubert decided to take the opportunity to launch a new artwork in the weeks running up to the AAF. No details are available yet, but in line with the Affordable Art Fair’s concept of offering artworks at different price points, the artwork will be launched in various editions. Stay tuned!

For Press:

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to receive information about the launch and / or wish to interview Hayden Kays. He is also available for talks in the weeks running up to the fair. Please click link: Inquiry.

Artists Exhibited by Kalkman Gallery During AAF Amsterdam 2019