Shop Robin van Vorsselen

Robin van Vorsselen (1988-) is an artist from the south of the Netherlands.

From an early age Robin has always been making drawings and cartoons. Creating cartoons and illustrating was an escape into a world outside of his own rough upbringing. At the age 16 his love for graffiti was born after a friend handed him a spray can. When he didn’t have access to spray cans, he experimented with different media to paint abstract artworks.

At age 18 Robin had his first little solo show at De Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen. A few months later he met the legendary subway graffiti painter QUIK NYC, a.k.a.  Lin Felton (1958-). They soon became friends. QUIK invited Robin to assist him in his studio whenever he was working in Heerlen, and later in Maastricht. For Robin this was an extremely rich experience, learning about techniques, materials and the art world.

Robin also joined the QUIKSAND expo at KUS Gallery in Heerlen. In the following period he always kept creating and exposing his work on shows through Holland.

In his current unique artworks, Robin focuses on creating pieces that make him happy. In the work that is exposed at Vintage Deluxe Robin combines his experimental mixed-media with childhood cartoons and gaming characters. The vivid colours and recognizable 90’s pop-culture put a smile on the viewer’s face when they see the pieces in the gallery.