Michel Van Zinnicq Bergmann (1954) is a Dutch artist based in Amsterdam. Born in Vucht, he has been a wandering artist since the age of 18. As a result, he has always searched new places to paint his pieces. Mostly he has travelled around the Benelux, the Mediterranean and East-Europe.

His artworks vary from Ocean Views, Landscapes, Abstracts and Figurative subjects. Michel Van Zinnicq Bergmann keeps to one style at a time. He works in periods, or “projects” as he describes them himself. Currently he has finalized a large body of abstract works which he shows in his Amsterdam studio.

Michel Van Zinnicq Bergmann and Hubert (Vintage Deluxe) have decided to show a part of his Jacques Brel (1929 – 1978) portraits that date from 2009. Three originals are currently available on show in Maastricht. The emotion and passion of Jacques Brel during his live performances are the essence of this serie. Please see the short clips (below this text) of Jacques Brel performing his songs “Amsterdam”, “Ces Gens La” and “Ne Me Quitte Pas” live. This will give you an idea of the passion Jacques Brel always had on stage. Finally, Michel Van Zinnicq Bergmann’s series about Jacques Brel is a tribute to the feeling the Belgian singer gave his crowd and listeners.

Over time other artworks will be available online. These will be directly available from the artist. Therefore, appointments can be made to visit his studio in Amsterdam North.

Stay tuned through Instagram for developments.

Jacques Brel performing "Amsterdam"

Jacques Brel performing "Ces Gens La"

Jacques Brel performing "Ne Me Quitte Pas"