Famke Rousseau

Famke Rousseau is an artist from Maastricht, the Netherlands. She graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2004.

Her artworks have been presented and sold at Vintage Deluxe since November 2015. The most recent project Famke & Hubert are working on is her second Carnaval series: “Vastelaovends Portrette”. In this series Famke has called up her social media followers and other carnaval enthousiasts to send in photos of typical (local to Maastricht) images of costumes and traditions. She will paint the best onto metal plates and present them February 15th, with a finishing moment between 5 – 6 PM for all the collectors who arrive to pick up their pieces. You can see the series, and more by Famke, by clicking HERE.

Overall, this collaboration has been successful over the last 3 years with regular sales in the Benelux and Germany. Recently some larger originals and commissions have found their way to further destinations, including Panama, Nepal, Great-Britain and Norway.

Please have a look at the collection in the online webshop. Here you will see three seemingly different styles: Black and white “one-line” drawings that are for sale as prints in editions of 10. Bi-colour paintings on zink plates with lacquer and water-colour mixed with sulfuric acid, creating a matt and gloss contrast (e.g. Trumpet Player Yellow). Finally, her larger originals that are vibrant and colourful, often of pop-culture legends or city-scapes. These are heavily layered acrylic paintings on canvas. Please see Image slider at the bottom of this page to see the three distinctive styles.

Do you like Famke Rousseau’s work and have an idea? Please contact Hubert Kalkman for commissions at vintagedeluxemaastricht@gmail.com

Worldwide shipping.